Inmach Construction and renovation Offers Whole Home & Apartment Remodeling Services in Toronto, GTA, and York Region.
We make renovating easier by combining the services of a design firm, retail store, and contractor. Serving the area for over 2 years we provide whole home and apartment renovation and remodeling services in the Toronto, GTA, and York Region-Specializing in an all-in-one approach to home improvement, we coordinate and supervise every aspect of a remodeling project. From the initial consultation, design, and permit process to product selection, construction, and post-job cleanup, our turnkey, full-service approach offers the ultimate in convenience, enabling you to remain focused on your busy schedule and life while we manage and oversee the renovation of your home for you.

Whether we’re performing a full apartment, home renovation, kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, every home improvement job we undertake follows a systematic process and utilizes our innovative project management system. This comprehensive approach to home and apartment remodeling includes tailored designs, a detailed project scope, regular customer updates, a progress invoicing system, on-time guarantee, long-term warranty and other facets that make the entire renovation process as convenient as possible for you while guaranteeing beautiful, functional end results.